About us

What is Glow?

It is a DJ-led club night or as we like to call it “praise party”, targeting young people both inside and outside the Church.
The event will run from 7pm-11pm:
It will be a non-stop high-energy part with top inspiration artists and DJs.

This is an annual ‘Halloween’ event with the first one held last year (2014)
NEW VENUE: We’re blessed to have a new purpose built club venue 169-171 Fore Street, Edmonton, N18 2XB

Highlights from Glow 2014

Why Halloween and why Glow?

Halloween is now a major event in the calendar

Halloween is now the third highest spending Festival, behind Christmas and Easter. Yes, it’s even bigger than Valentine’s Day in terms of what we spend in the shops according to reset retail research £300 million up from just £12million in 2001

We want Halloween to have more positive associations.

Its growth has been fuelled by the popularity of books and films such as Harry Potter and Twilight, which feature which is wizards and vampires. But it’s also the Christian festival of all Hallows Eve and All Saints’ Day, Which recorded and lives of those Christians who gave up everything for their faith in Jesus. Most young people know nothing of this!

What better excuse for a party then Jesus the light of the world?

Jesus loves social occasions. He’s mentioned attending a number of them in the gospels. Glow Party houses a message of joy and hope, Which is much better basis for a party then ghouls and ghosts.

So we are not only going to share the Light… It’s going to GLOW and shine bright for all to see. Are you ready to Glow?

A bit of background on us

  • We are the youth department of London Miracle Centre (LMC), Mount Zion Restoration Ministries.
  • We have a good track record of putting on great events for many years (True Love Waits, Colours of Praise, Funky Fresh, Throw Ya Handz up plus more).
  • Christian music will be played on the night. As well as the opportunity to give your life to Christ or rededicate your life to Him or even just making a conscious decision to let our LIGHT shine.